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Angry Mothers Day Event 2015Edit


Angry Mothers Day Code 2015

Events Code: 411FAC0361D157D9673ECB926AF5AE

Angry Mothers Challenge Edit


Angry Mothers is a challenge that can be done in 5x3 difficulties/modes for earning Event Points. It is different from other challenges because of the Rage Rush difficulty. Creatures have more Health Points and can be killed in 600 seconds, but also the damage dealt by players is increased, especially on the Splat skill.

Each challenge completed will reward 1 EP.

Angry Mothers Event Edit


Players can spend Gold or AP to buy up to 12 flowers. Each flower will give 1 Event Point.

Flower Flower Gold Cost Gold AP Cost AP
1 10,000 5
2 50,000 10
3 100,000 20
4 500,000 30
5 1,000,000 40
6 5,000,000 50
7 10,000,000 65
8 50,000,000 80
9 100,000,000 100
10 500,000,000 100
11 750,000,000 100
12 1,000,000,000 100

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