Ascension Point

Ascension Points are a minor currency in Idle Online Universe. They are used only in Ascension Upgrades, and are obtained at every Ascension. After a player reaches level 200, they will start earning Inferno Levels, where each level up grants an additional Ascension Point. Starting at level 1000, Legendary Points Legendary Points will be earned instead.

Ascension Points are the second-rarest currency in the game, limited to 40 before Inferno levels.

Ascension Points can also be earned through the Guild's Fortress, with three point added per level of the building.

You can also buy them with diamonds, on the Upgrades -> VIP screen, one upgrade cost 50 diamonds and give 2 points.

Ascension Points can be reseted all 12 hours up to 2 levels back, for no cost, on the Upgrades -> Ascension screen.

You can collect 2 "stacks" of reset, the reset can only return the points of a actual level, as example: Auto dmg, if the last level did cost 24points, you can reset it and get back 24points. it will only decrease the level by 1, you don't reset a single skill complete down to 0 (except it is only on level 1)


  • At July 31, 2017 with Version 0.96.50 got the Ascension System a rework, 5 new upgrades was added and more ways to get Ascension points was added (VIP and the Lab in the expeditions).