#Blame Bob is a meme community competition hosted by the Community Manager, Bob10110. Rewards from this competition were gained by accessing the Console and using the /get command.

Information Edit

Date September 14th – October 6th, 2015
Description Design an image or text that is in relation to blaming somebody.
Rules 2 Entries max per person. Entries must not be controversial.
Judging The texts/pictures will be voted upon each player to choose the funniest 'meme', the 'meme' with the most votes, wins.

Prizes Edit

1st ~786 Diamonds Diamond 11 Dynamite Dynamite 3033 Pet Points Pet Points 1 Tiny Pack
Participation 22 Diamonds Diamond 22 AP AP 22 Pet Food Pet Food 22 Wood Wood 22 Stone Stone 10110 Gold Gold

Topics Edit

Winner of #BlameBob!Edit

Winner of BlameBob competition

Done by: RealyFluffy

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