Challenge Points are a currency earned by completing Challenges. Once you reach a certain number of Challenge Points, you can reach Challenge Milestones.

Completing any round in a Challenge for the first time grants one Challenge Point, apart from the final round. The first completion of the final round yields 2 points for the Rats!, Fruitarian No More, Tribal Smash and Under the Sea Challenges, 3 points for the final round of Uhg A Thug!, and 5 points for the ultimate round of WereThings. Each round of a Series Challenge grants 1 point.

Total Challenge Points for each Challenge:

Name Challenge PointsChallenges
Rats! 6
Fruitarian No More 6
Tribal Smash 6
Uhg A Thug! 15
WereThings 16
Under the Sea 6
Rednex 6
Galactic Snackbar ?
Infested 6
Infinite World Challenge 1 per stage
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