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Chest - claimable transparent

Chests are free rewards that can be claimed throughout the day while playing. To claim a chest, a player needs to wait until the timer reaches 0 and then click the "Claim!" icon in the main screen. Claims cycle through 10 chests with increasing wait times and better rewards.

Any time that passes after a chest is available is applied to further chests, even while offline. This makes it possible to claim multiple chests in succession. However, claiming the 10th chest resets this stored time, starting the player back at the first chest with the full time remaining.

Chest # Total Time Wait Time Rewards
1 5 min 5 min

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds Diamond

2 25 min 20 min

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds Diamond

3 1 hr 10 min 45 min

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds DiamondPet Food Pet Food

4 2 hr 10 min 1 hr

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds DiamondPet Food Pet Food

5 4 hr 10 min 2 hr

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds DiamondPet Food Pet Food

Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial 5 Fishing Energy Fishing Energy

6 7 hr 10 min 3 hr

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds Diamond

Pet Food Pet Food 2 Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial

7 11 hr 10 min 4 hr

1 AP AP 1 Diamonds Diamond

Pet Food Pet Food 3 Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial

8 17 hr 10 min 6 hr

1 Diamonds Diamond 4 Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial

10 Ultinum Ultinum 25 Infinity Matter Infinity Matter

9 25 hr 10 min 8 hr

5 AP AP 5 Diamonds Diamond

5 Pet Food Pet Food5 Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial

10 35 hr 10 min 10 hr

2 AP AP 15 Diamonds Diamond

6 Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial

Every chest rewards at least Gold Gold, AP AP, and Diamonds Diamond. Later chests reward Pet Food Pet Food, Fishing Energy Fishing Energy past level 15 and Sacrificial Offerings Sacrificial after level 30.

The Chest timer can be reduced with the Trophy Upgrade "Claim Reduction".

The Gold gained by claiming Chests is based on player level and can be increased with the Ascension Upgrade "Claim Boost".

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