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Codes were often randomly generated alphanumeric strings of 30 characters, but now they are words or phrases with no spaces which can reward players with Currency or Card Packs when redeemed. They are usually given out on the Idle Online Universe Facebook Page and in #announcements in the IOU Discord server.

A code can only be claimed in limited quantities, the number of which is sometimes announced when the code is handed out. Usually, the codes will expire after 1 week. Most codes will award a random resource, which scales with the player's level. Specific Bonuses and Event codes will usually give the same reward for all players.

How to redeem a code Edit

Code Redeem
To redeem a code, a player needs to open the Social drop-down menu or press the key 'O', and choose Codes. A pop-up window will appear where the player can input or copy-paste the code.

To find codes, click Codes? In the pop-up window, and it will direct you to the Idle Online Universe Facebook Page. Alternatively, refer to the Code List below.

Extra spaces are automatically trimmed as of 0.51 Zeta.

Code List Edit


Expired codes are removed from the list. Expiry column shows the estimated last day that they are usable.

Date Released Codes Expires (Approx.)
April 24th Another1BitestheDust May 1st
April 24th Anotherweekgone May 1st
April 23rd EarthDay April 30th
April 23rd HugAtree April 30th
April 22nd chrysanthemum April 29th
April 22nd SneksAreGreatAgain April 29th
April 21st LightEmUpUpUp April 28th
April 21st HappyBrownies April 28th
April 20th BestThIngiNtheWorLd April 27th
April 20th ChoColatecaKe April 27th
April 19th Kappa April 26th
April 19th Epsilon April 26th

Special Codes Edit

Date Released Codes Effect Expires (Approx.)
None Currently

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