The console is an area in IOU where the player can enter commands to be executed. Some commands can be fairly useful and help the player with specific needs.


Much like the Chat commands, the console doesn't have a mandatory use towards the average player. However, it can be a fun area to find new commands or test existing ones.

Console can only be accessed via 'hotkeys', by pressing the 'F2' key, or on Mac by pressing 'fn' + 'F2'.

List of Console CommandsEdit

Command Effect
/cards Copy all of the players card data to 'clipboard'. (Paste to see)

This command separates each Zone entirely in a table.

/cards json Copy all of the players card data to 'clipboard'. (Paste to see)

This command separates each Zone by a comma in a table.

/cmd cardmultiplier Shows the card multiplier on drop.
/cmd comparedps Shows the player's pet dps as a percent of the player's dps.
/cmd petdmg Recalculates comparedps if for some reason it isn't current
/cmd ep Shows event points.
/cmd guildbonuses Shows guild bonuses
/cmd guildlevel .
/cmd guildpassives .
/con1 Shows some connection data that can help devs if you are having connection issues.
/cmd rng Act as a fake card drop with the current chance you have of a real card dropping, whether one dropped or not. Card drop chances change dependent on the player's Ascension tier.
/get Get your reward that either a Moderator/Community manager or Developer has given to the specific player. You must have been acknowledged as earning a reward in order to be rewarded. This is a possible method of earning rewards from community competitions.
/kong Connect you to your Kong account, however you will need to refresh after inputting this as it will crash.

This command will only show "false" if the player is not on Kongregate.

/ping Shows the player's current quality of their Internet connection.
/status Show the player's current connection to IOU, what client the player is on, and the connection to their guild.
/test Toggle the Test Mode (???)



Show the version of the game client the player is running.

Removed Commands Edit

Command Effect
/cmd dps Shows the player's current damage stats and dps.

Removed in V0.74z.

/gcon Reconnect the player to their guild, very useful if the 'offline' times are showing incorrect values for the players in the Guild.

Replaced in V0.65z with the Chat command /fix2.

/hcon Reconnect the player to an updated instance, without the need to refresh. This will supposedly fix 'connecting to the servers' issues.

Removed in V0.65z.

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