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Guilds are groups of players arranged to facilitate the contact between them and help the pursuit of common goals. It is possible to form parties with other members of a guild through the Member list, in the Guild's main screen if the member has 'Allow Battle Join' ON, which is located in the guild's Manage menu. Each guild is provided with a private chat room that only people within that guild can chat in.

To join a guild, a player be at least level 4, then can click the green 'Join a guild' tip at the main screen. A list of the open guilds will be shown, and choosing one will make the player a member of that guild. A player must be directly invited to join a closed guild.

It is also possible to create a new Guild at the cost of 100 AP AP.

Each guild can have a maximum of 10 players to start with, increasing depending on the guild's Guild Hall level. The sum of its members' IOU Scores form the Guild IOU Score, which is compared with other guilds in the Top Ranks under the guilds list section.

Upgrades to guilds may be done by donating Stone Stone to Guild Buildings in the Guild main page. Players need to wait 24 hours after joining a guild to donate. The donated stone grants Guild XP, which can be used on Guild Upgrades. Donations stay with you even if you leave or change guilds.


There are four ranks:

  • Member
    • Are the lowest rank and can donate to buildings.
  • Captain
    • Can invite Members and donate to buildings.
  • Leader
    • Can promote Members, demote Captains, donate, edit guild message of the day, public joins, Open Investments and invite or kick members/captains.
  • Creator
    • Has full control over the guild. A Creator can also promote a Leader to the rank of Creator, but is immediately demoted to Leader in the process.
    • Will be demoted to Leader if they are inactive for 360 hours.

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