IOU Score, abbreviated from Idle Online Universe Score, is the main scoring system in Idle Online Universe. This score is used as the main rank in Top Ranks. The IOU Score is the sum of:

Commonly, the main components of IOU Score are Adventure Score and Upgrade Score.

Adventure ScoreEdit

Adventure Score measures the extent of the player's progression through the game world and Challenges.

To be exact, the player will gain:

  • 2 points for each entered new zone before first Ascension,
  • 4 points per each entered new zone after first Ascension,
  • 6 points per each entered new zone after second Ascension,
  • 240 points for first Ascension,
  • 490 points for second Ascension,
  • 2340 points for unlocking Inferno Mode, and
  • 1 point per Challenge Point.

In this way, 4610 points by traveling through worlds, 3285 points by completing all Normal Challenges, and 1 point per stage completed in the Infinite World Challenge can be earned.

Pet ScoreEdit

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Pet Score is an indicator of the level reached by Pets. The Pet Score is made up of two parts, Pet Growth Score and Upgrade Map Score. Score for a single pet's growth is calculated by its tier and level:

\text{Single Pet Score} = 10 \cdot (10\cdot Tier+Level)

Where Snake is Tier 1, Bat is Tier 2, and so on until Eternal Wyrm is Tier 10. Pet Growth Score is the sum of both individual pet scores. With two Rocs at level 10, a Pet Growth Score of 3200 is the maximum value.

Upgrade Map Score is based on upgrading nodes on the Pet Upgrade Map. You get 1 point for every level 1 node upgrade and 2 points for every level 2 node upgrade. A level 2 node with no upgrades will be worth 8 points and a level 3 node with no upgrades will be worth 24 points. Node unlocks and central node upgrades are not worth any Upgrade Map Score.

Ability ScoreEdit

Level/Ability Score is equal to the player's level.

Trophy ScoreEdit

Trophy Score grows with the total number of earned Trophies. Trophy Score is limited, because the maximum count of trophies is 3522.

Note this is only true up to a certain point, people have almost 8k trophys score but with under 4k trophys. While at 2604 the score is equal

A sample of 3419 trophy's yields a score of 7714

Upgrade ScoreEdit

Upgrade Score depends on the total levels of different upgrades and it grows with the sum. These are Hunting Upgrades, Idle Upgrades, Click Upgrades, Ascension Upgrades, and Account Upgrades. Upgrade Score is bounded by fixed upgrade limits.

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