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Things you can doEdit

Current projects:

  • Finish incomplete articles (in most cases, this involves adding missing values to tables).
  • Update images and add any missing ones - try clicking the Date column on ListFiles to see the oldest images on the wiki, which may be out of date.
    • Upgrades menu tab icons need the new versions uploaded - please reupload over the appropriate existing image.
  • Creatures and Hunting Worlds need updating for the recent overhaul.
  • If anyone has kept track of past Packs of any kind, we could definitely use that to have more complete coverage.

Rate the WikiEdit

This is more important than you think <3

Rate Us? (As a Wiki) - Please be honest

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Try out the Player Infobox created by Bobogoobo.

I'm Awesome
Guild fireMan
Level 521
IOU Score 48001
Base Damage 9000
Eternal Wyrm
Level 9
Level 10
Playing Since June 20, 2015
(765 days)
Challenge Points 1900 Challenges
Cards Earned 2,039,123 Card Collection
Forest Reached 25 Wood
Mining Depth 120 Stone
Event Points 410 EP
Support Level 9 Diamond
Statistics as of April 17, 2016

Using the following syntax (see documentation):

{{Infobox player}}

You may add other details, such as the following:

{{Infobox player
|name        = I'm Awesome 
|guild       = fireMan
|guildrank   = Leader
|level       = 521
|iou         = 48001
|damage      = 9000
|pet1        = Eternal Wyrm
|pet1lvl     = 9
|pet2        = Snake
|pet2lvl     = 10
|startdate   = June 20, 2015
|challenge   = 1900
|cards       = 2,039,123
|woodcutting = 25
|mining      = 120
|event       = 410
|support     = 9
|date        = April 17, 2016

Main PageEdit

Ever wanted to change or help out with the Wiki's main home page? Now's your chance! You can go to the backup of the main page here and add any neat ideas you have. If you think your modification made the wiki look nicer, let us know!


Visit our polls page, and add your votes to any questions you may have missed! (Please refrain from voting on polls that no longer relate to IOU's current Version.)

Am I right?

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Want to make a poll for your profile?

Use the following syntax:
Option3 (and so on)

Or change the polls width using:

<div style="width:150px;">
Too short?
Too short?

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Too long?

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Account ColorEdit

Change the color of your name everywhere on this Wiki?

a[href$=":Name"] { color:#FF0000;}
  1. Change the 'Name' to your Wiki account name, and color (hex) to your liking.

Different colors may be found here.
But here are some sample colors. (In case you're lazy.)

#FF0000 -> 50% Red
#0000ff -> 50% Blue
#00ff00 -> 50% Green
#ffff00 -> 50% Yellow
#bf00ff -> 50% Purple
Not bad.
This looks okay?
Hmm.. How about this?
Can you even read this?
Okay just pick one.

You can also make the font Bold, or change the type of font:

a[href$=":Name"] { colour:#FF0000; font-weight:bold;}

Once that's done let the Administrator know to add it in for you! Just give the syntax you'd like to use!

You can add colors on your personal CSS page here.


Help finish up an Incomplete Article?

How to Edit?Edit

Note: Some articles such as the main page will be UN-editable by the average user, and you must be logged in to be able to edit any articles.
There are 2 main methods to editing:

1) Click 'edit' near the top left side of the article
Wiki edit buttons

This will give you a panel, and enable you to edit this article at will. You may also use the scroll down from the 'edit' button and click 'classic editor'; this will bring you to the other version of editing.

2) Click 'Contribute' at the top right corner of the page. Using the scroll down you may go to 'edit this page'. This will bring you to a different type of editor compared to the first one, (and easier to use) however both contain the same functions. You will have to 'preview' edits in order to see the result from this method.

Recent EditsEdit

  • edit User:Quixorbl
    edited by Quixorbl 21 hours ago diff
    Summary: Updated Info Box stats
  • edit Console
    edited by Porkbob 3 days ago diff
    Summary: List of Console Commands: Added /con1 and /cmd petdmg
  • discussion page Talk:Match 3 Event
    new comment by A FANDOM user 4 days ago
    Comment: Thank you! That was the one fact I needed and couldn't find in the article above! XD
  • edit Guild
    edited by Jaja007 4 days ago diff
    Summary: Added a gallery of icons for Guild member types with caption
    Added photos:

    Making a Difference

    Is something missing? Is there a mistake? Don't be shy.
    Click the edit button and
    you can add to any page!

    Making a Difference

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    Awarded for making 1 edit on an article!

  • edit Pet Arena
    edited by A FANDOM user 6 days ago diff
    Summary: Arena Monsters: Removed unnecessary and terrible paragraph
  • edit Codes
    edited by Drakoner 6 days ago diff
    Summary: Codes & Special Codes: July 12-17 update
  • edit Woodcutting Upgrades
    edited by MezzoDragon diff

    Just the Beginning

    The Upgrades pages need your help!Click the "Edit" button on any page in that category to help out.Show your support for the Upgrades pages!

    Just the Beginning

    earned the Just the Beginning badge
    Awarded for making 5 edits on Upgrades articles!

  • edit Player Levels
    edited by Jiecut diff
    Summary: Level Table: Levels 901-999
  • edit Woodcutting Upgrades
    edited by MezzoDragon diff
    Summary: Level 15 Log Splitting AP and Wood/AP Info Added

    Just the Beginning

    Is something missing? Is there a mistake? Don't be shy.
    Click the edit button and
    you can add to any page!

    Just the Beginning

    earned the Just the Beginning badge
    Awarded for making 5 edits on articles!

  • edit Codes
    edited by Drakoner diff
    Edited the section: Code List
    Summary: July 9-11 update.

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