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The Infinite World Challenge is the first and only Series Challenge. The challenge has an endless number of increasingly difficult tiers, rewarding 1 Challenge Point per Creature killed with 170 monsters per Tier. Every 10 challenges completed yields a 1% bonus and every 50 challenges completed yields a 5% bonus. When the tier is completed the counter for the 5% bonus is not reset. Every five Creatures is a Boss, and a fixed time of 25 seconds is allotted to kill each Creature.

Infinite World Challenge

Current Tier and Stage

Level = Stage^2 + Stage

HP = (Level^2 + 5) \cdot HP Reduction

Tip - Because the counter to the 5% bonus does not reset, it can be annoying to calculate when the 5% bonus will be added. Since it is added on every 5th 1%, the bonus damage will grow following this pattern: 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 10%, 11%, 12%, 13%, 14%, 20%, etc.

  • The zone number of the Nth 5% bonus can be calculated as: 50n \mod 170
    • "mod" is the remainder after division
  • The tier of the Nth 5% bonus can be calculated as: (50n - zone) / 170
    • "zone" is the value from the first formula
  • You can find the next value of N you will reach with the following: floor(bonus / 10) + 1
    • "bonus" is your current damage % bonus; "floor" means to truncate the decimal

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