It is possible to access some screens in Idle Online Universe using keyboard shortcuts.

The list of known shortcuts is:

  • C: Open Character screen;
  • F: Switch frame rate indicator;
  • G: Open Guild screen;
  • O: Open Social menu;
  • P: Open Pets screen;
  • R: Open Top Ranks screen;
  • S: Open Shop screen;
  • T: Switch between states of Activities tab;
  • U: Open Upgrades screen;
  • 1: Activate Time Freeze Ability;
  • 2: Activate Splat Ability;
  • 3: Activate Speed Boost Ability;
  • 4: Activate Damage Boost Ability;
  • 5: Activate Crit Chance Boost Ability;
  • 6: Activates Crit Enhancer Ability;
  • F2: Open Console window;
    • (fn + F2 for Mac users)

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