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Match 3 Event
Match 3 is a unique event compared to all other events, giving the player an addictive puzzle experience to try and earn himself/herself rewards.
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About Edit

Comes with event bonuses:

  • +50% Mining Crystals
  • Double Card Drops
  • Double Gold Sacrificing
  • Double PP
  • Event Codes

The event ran from January 22 to February 24, 2016.

The event ran again from September 2 to October 1, 2016, with bonuses of +20% gold and XP and different packs.

The event ran again from January 20 to ???, 2017, with bonuses of +25% Wood and Stone and different packs.

The Match 3 Event is an 8 x 7 board filled with pictures of currencies within the game; players are required to make match's of at least 3 related currencies in order to gain experience for that currency to level up. When the currency levels up, the player is rewarded with that currency. The higher the level of the currency, the bigger the reward.

Each currency has a maximum level of 25 the first time and 30 the second and third times. In the third run, maxing out a currency rewards +10 energy.

Currencies Edit

The currencies running in the event:

Playing Edit

You begin with 3 (first time) or 4 (second and third times) currencies that are randomly generated across the board:

  • Gold (first time only)
  • Wood (second and third times only)
  • AP (second and third times only)
  • Dynamite
  • Event points

Clicking on a tile will either cause that tile to change randomly to another neighboring tile, or it will reward the player with currency EXP IF the tiles had 2 or more of the same currency from an adjacent tile beside it. If the tiles get a match, all the tiles that were matched will change back into a random currency. The random currency changed from a matched tile will not turn into the currency that was matched, unless every other currency is max level. Nevertheless there can only be a total of 4 different currencies on the board. The exception to this is that after maxing out a currency, the remaining tiles of that currency will not automatically disappear.

Each click costs Energy, starting with 100 energy; the player must claim the energy every 8 hours in order to gain an extra 50. If the player doesn't claim it by the time the timer reaches 0, the timer will continue for up to 7 hours until the player has claimed the energy; if the player doesn't claim it by then, the timer will stop.

For example, if a player has the next energy claim ready to go, but misses 5 hours of time, when the player claims the energy it will continue with 3 hours left until the next claim.

Currencies are unlocked through a Total match milestone, as the game keeps track of how many times the player has made a match.

Throughout the total matches milestone the player can unlock the locked currencies in the following order (first time):

  1. Wood
  2. AP
  3. Stone
  4. Pet Food
  5. Sacrificial Offerings
  6. Diamonds
  7. Crystals
  8. Expedition Points

Second time:

  1. Stone
  2. Pet Food
  3. Sacrificial Offerings
  4. Diamonds
  5. Crystals
  6. Expedition Points
  7. Valor
  8. Gold

Third time:

  1. Stone
  2. Pet Food
  3. Sacrificial Offerings
  4. Diamonds
  5. Crystals
  6. Expedition Points
  7. Valor
  8. Ultinum
  9. Infinity Matter
  10. Gold

Note: Players may not visually see new currencies in this order; this is due to the fact that you are able to unlock multiple new currencies, yet there can only be 4 different types on the board at once.

For example, a player has unlocked 6 currencies without having any to the maximum level. This means that once he manages to max one, the new currency on the board can be either Wood, AP or Stone. (Note that the previous is NOT true for the second time the event was held.)

Strategies Edit

All currencies require a different amount of EXP required to level up, Gold being the easiest to level.

Because of this, it's recommended to max out Gold as fast as you can, so that it will no longer spawn on the board. Removing currencies as quickly as possible will be much more beneficial in the later game, as the more currencies that are on the board will cause fewer matches to occur.

Easiest currencies to level up in the following order (first time): [1]

  1. Gold & Expedition Points
  2. Wood
  3. Event Points & Stone
  4. AP
  5. Pet Food
  6. Diamonds
  7. Crystals
  8. Dynamite
  9. Sacrifices

Second time:

  1. Expedition Points
  2. Gold
  3. Wood & Event Points & Stone
  4. AP
  5. Pet Food
  6. Diamonds & Crystals & Dynamite
  7. Sacrifices & Valor

Third time

  1. Expedition Points
  2. Gold
  3. Wood
  4. Event Points & Stone
  5. AP & Crystals
  6. Pet Food
  7. Diamonds & Dynamite & Infinity Matter & Sacrifices & Valor & Ultinum

Unlocking currencies is based on the number of matches the player has made. Since you will want to remove all the easier currencies as quickly as possible and stall more currencies being placed on the board, focusing on matching more than 3 at once is a great way to stall more currencies from being added to the board. The more the number of matches, the more the EXP gained.[2] Matching more than 3 tiles at once will result in more than the original gain of 5 EXP per tile. You could even focus a match of 3 on the more difficult currencies to level up, while focusing the larger matches on the easier currencies to level up.

If no matches of 3 can be seen, look for the the best, most reliable option. If there's a bundle of 2 currencies with no matches, you can always look for a 100% match tile. When you click on a currency, the tile is forced to switch to an adjacent tile, meaning if it's surrounded by sets of 2 you've just optimized your RNG (Random number generator) with a 100% chance of a match, or if it's surrounded by the same currency. If you're unable to find 100% matches you can always look for 2 or 3 possible matches from a single tile switch.

Some example pictures: (The optimized click is squared in blue)

*All pictures were taken before the maximum of 4 different tiles patch*

On top of that, it's recommended to focus clicks more in the 'middle' of the board rather than the outer parts. This is simply because if you attempt to click on a currency in the corner, there's no chances of anything from the opposite side affecting the match. If all else fails, head to the sides. Ultimately count your chances and choose what's better.

Specifics Edit

  • Maximum EXP gained for filling the 8x7 grid with one currency is 545
    • EXP is increased by 10 for each extra tile matched
  1. The currencies exp required to level up is based on the formula:  (lvl+1) \cdot base value The base value is the exp required to level up at level 0.
  2. EXP gained from number of tiles matched & EXP required to level up currencies, base values
Tiles Matched EXP Gained >< Currency Base EXP required (Level 0) First Time Base EXP required (Level 0) Second Time Third Time
3 15 >< Expedition Points Expedition Point 25 8 8
4 25 >< Gold Gold 25 15 15
5 35 >< Wood Wood 30 30 20
6 45 >< Event Points EP 45 30 30
7 55 >< Stone Stone 45 30 30
8 65 >< AP AP 55 40 40
9 75 >< Pet Food Pet Food 65 50 50
10 85 >< Diamonds Diamond 90 70 60
11 95 >< Crystals Crystals 95 70 40
12 105 >< Dynamite Dynamite 100 70 60
13 115 >< Sacrifices Sacrificial 170 100 60
14 125 >< Valor Valor N/A 100 60
15 135 >< Ultinum Ultinum N/A N/A 60
16 145 >< Inifinity Matter Infinity Matter N/A N/A 60
17 155
18 165
19 175
20 185
21 195
22 205
23 215
24 225
25 235
26 245
27 255
28 265
29 275
30 285
31 295
32 305
33 315
34 325
35 335
36 345
37 355
38 365
39 375
40 385
41 395
42 405
43 415
44 425
45 435
46 445
47 455
48 465
49 475
50 485
51 495
52 505
53 515
54 525
55 535
56 545

Special Packs Edit

Match 3 Special Event Packs

This event offers Multiple Special One-Time Packs that have a much better reward/cost rate than the average pack. During the event is the only time you will be able to purchase these packs.

Match 3's Special packs (First Time):

Name Content of the Pack Cost
Match 1 Pack 110 Diamonds Diamond
5 Pet Food Pet Food
10 Kreds
Match 2 Pack 333 Diamonds Diamond
15 AP AP
10 Pet Food Pet Food
30 Kreds
Match 3 Pack 575 Diamonds Diamond
20 AP AP
15 Pet Food Pet Food
20 Crystals Crystals
50 Kreds
Match 4 Pack 1,250 Diamonds Diamond
45 AP AP
30 Pet Food Pet Food
40 Crystals Crystals
100 Kreds
Match 5 Pack 2,750 Diamonds Diamond
100 AP AP
60 Pet Food Pet Food
100 Crystals Crystals
200 Kreds

Match 3's Special packs (Second Time):

Name Content of the Pack Cost
Match 1 Pack 500 Diamonds Diamond
25 AP AP
25 Pet Food Pet Food
50 Kreds
Match 2 Pack 1,200 Diamonds Diamond
50 AP AP
50 Pet Food Pet Food
100 Kreds
Match 3 Pack 3,500 Diamonds Diamond
250 AP AP
250 Pet Food Pet Food
50 Crystals Crystals
250 Kreds
Match 4 Pack 8,000 Diamonds Diamond
500 AP AP
500 Pet Food Pet Food
100 Crystals Crystals
500 Kreds
Event Deal 2,500 Diamonds Diamond
100 AP AP
100 Pet Food Pet Food
30 Crystals Crystals
3 Valor Valor
200 Kreds

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