The Member's Club is a guild building added in v0.99.20. Unlike other buildings, it requires no stone and does not increase the guild level. Instead, you can use it to claim rewards every day.



Reward screen

The Member's Club rewards increasing amounts of Pet Points Pet Points, Valor Valor, Expedition Points Expedition Point, and Crystals Crystals.

Reaching certain milestones for number of claims grants a boost. Every 5th claims the rewards increase, every 10th claim you can get a single double rewards

  • Claim 1-4: 1000PP, 4 Valor, 50 Expedition points, 0 Runes, 100 Crystals
  • Claim 5-9: 1020PP, 5 Valor, 51 Expedition points, 0 Runes, 102 Crystals
  • Claim 10:Double rewards- 2080PP, 10 Valor, 104 Expedition points, 0 Runes, 208 Crystals
  • Claim 11-14: 1040PP, 5 Valor, 52 Expedition points, 0 Runes 104 Crystals