Paint.exe IOU is a drawing Community Competition.


Date Jul 26th – Aug 2nd, 2015
Description Design an image related to Idle Online Universe using only paintbrush (Paint.exe), and it's tools.

2 Entries max per person. Must both be contained in the same post or will not qualify.

Judging The pictures will be judged and rated after the competition is over, and prizes will be given to your primary character if you reach the top 5. I don't care if it looks like it was done by a child - it's paintbrush! ...Have fun with it.


Place Reward
1st $100 Diamond Pack + Pet Pack
2nd $50 Diamond Pack + Pet Pack
3rd $25 Diamond Pack + Pet Pack
4th $25 Diamond Pack
5th $10 Diamond Pack
$25 Diamond Pack
Top 10
$5 pack

Ray wished he could give a participation reward but as he says that may end up to be too much.

There were 2 winners of each place, except Top 10 funny submissions, which won as its name says, 10 people.


   A Winner of Paint.exe!Edit

Winner of Paint competition

Done by: Yannay AND Magsie

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