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The RPG Monster Event or Idle Online Monster Event is a JRPG-themed event. The player controls a party of up to three monsters with their own experience, HP, MP, stats, and abilities. The party battles groups of monsters in stages throughout an overworld to progress and reach reward chests. Health and Mana Potions regenerate at three of each every 25 minutes up to a maximum of 1500 stored.

The main menu of the event leads to the following screens:

  • Character - review the current party, use Potions, and spend stat points
  • World Map - contains levels to progress through, each with several groups of enemies and a reward chest
  • Difficulty - Normal and Hard difficulties are unlocked by completing the previous difficulty
  • Packs - there are purchased packs as well as the following packs unlocked for completing each difficulty:
    • Complete Easy: 5 Valor, 250 Diamond, 25 EP
    • Complete 5th Region on Medium: 10 Valor, 500 Diamond, 25 EP
    • Complete Hard: 15 Valor, 1000 Diamond


First Monster
Name Level Unlocked Mana Cost Description
Physical 1 0 1x Strength, Physical, Target
Crush  ? 20 1.5x Strength, Physical, Target
Bounce  ? 20 0.7x Strength, Physical, Group
Battle Spirit  ? 20 Increase damage of all Allies
Dissolve  ? 30 1.5x Strength, Magic, Target, Decreases defenses of Target
Destroy  ? 50 2.5x Strength, Physical, Target
Second Monster
Name Level Unlocked Mana Cost Description
Magic 1 0 1x Intelligence, Magic, Target
Spore Burst  ? 20 1.5x Intelligence, Magic, Target
Cure  ? 20 Remove negative statuses from target Ally
Heal  ? 30 Heal target Ally and increase their armor
Leaf Storm  ? 40 1x Intelligence, Magic, Group
Mass Heal  ? 80 Heal all Allies with a 50% chance to increase armor
Third Monster
Name Level Unlocked Mana Cost Description
Flurry 1 0 1x Dexterity, Physical, Target
Claw  ? 20 1.4x Dexterity, Physical, Target
Guide  ? 20 Increase accuracy of all Allies
Rabies  ? 30 1.4x Dexterity, Magic, Target, Poison target
Bend Time  ? 50 Freeze target
Butcher  ? 100 1.4x Dexterity, Physical, Group