Stamina and Mana as shown in game

Stamina and Mana limit how many times a player can use click attacks (Stamina) and use Abilities (Mana) if the player is level 101 or above. They do not apply in Challenges or in areas for which the kill requirements have not yet been completed. Each click costs 1 Stamina, while Mana cost differs depending on the ability, as shown below. Stamina and Mana do not affect auto attacks.


Stamina and Mana each regenerate at a rate of 2 every 600 seconds (10 minutes), minus 10 seconds for each level up in the Click Upgrade 'Regen Speed'. This can reduce it to 5 minutes at maximum level.

The amount regenerated can be increased with the Ascension Upgrade 'Clix Regen' at a rate of +1 per level up to +2.


Stamina and Mana each have a maximum capacity of 500, increasing by 5 for each level up in the Click Upgrade 'Max Mana/Stamina'.

If 0 Stamina is reached, the player will no longer be able to deal click damage. If 0 Mana is reached, the player will no longer be able to use any abilities.

Mana CostEdit

Image Ability Cost in Mana
Time Freeze Time Freeze 1
Splat Splat 5
Speed Boost Speed Boost 10
Damage Boost Damage Boost 10
Crit Chance Boost Crit Chance Boost 1
Crit Enhancer Crit Enhancer 1

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