Theta is the eighth World available to Hunting, and it is only available after the 2nd Ascension. It is composed of 10 Zones in 4 different backgrounds.

The kill timer for each creature in Theta is always 10s for the 'common'. Bosses will always be 40s.

If the player hasn't achieved Inferno Mode the number of kills required to move to the next stage will always be 90 in Theta, although bosses will require 10 for the 1st boss, then 15 for the final boss.

Zone Image Name Level HP[1]
1 Fleshworm Fleshworm 241 58,086
2 Slimer Slimer 242 58,569
3 Helix Helix 243 59.054
4 Nicksters Nicksters 244 59,541
5 Odorizer Odorizer 245 240,120
6 Slimeball Slimeball 246 60,521
7 Rikishi Fatgoo Rikishi Fatgoo 247 61,014
8 Chompfish Chompfish 248 61,509
9 Charles Man Son Eater Charles Man Son Eater 249 62,006
10 Come in Pieces Come in Pieces 250 250,020

1,2,3 ThetaBackground1
4,6 ThetaBackground2
5,10 ThetaBackground3
7,8,9 ThetaBackground4

  1. HP is calculated using the Formula Level^2 + 5 for common creatures and (Level^2 + 5)\cdot4 for bosses.

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