Well not much to say. IOU was in alpha testing phase with a few people, on 2014 Nov 16 - 23, and was live on Kong Beta late December 2014/early January 2015.

I joined IOU when it was still in Kong Beta some time in mid/late May 2015. I liked the game so much that for the first time in my life I started to help SimStar with the wiki page. At first I was only an anonymous wiki contributor/editor, and in June 2015 after many anonymous wiki edits, I decided to make a wiki profile and make my contributions/edits known to the rest of you, ofcourse the name Mythic as a wiki profile was already taken so I combined some of my other profile names from other games and fused them into one name.

Today I have made this wiki blog entry, just as background for who I am.

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