v0.32g - Mar 15, 2015

-ADD: Mining!
-ADD: Woodcutting upgrade caps increased to 25 (from 10)
-ADD: New Top Rank List: Woodcutting
-ADD: New Top Rank List: Mining
-ADD: New Top Rank List: Guilds
-ADD: New Currency: Stone
-ADD: New Currency: Crystals
-ADD: New Mining Tool: Dynamite
-ADD: New Ascension Upgrade (Mining NRG)
-ADD: New Mining Upgrade (Max NRG)
-ADD: New Mining Tip
-ADD: Reward/Code support for Stone,Crystals & Dynamite
-FIX: Plenty more redundancy changes for connection issues
-FIX: Changed Ability top rank to Level
-FIX: Ascension Crit Boost should now work properly
-BALANCE: Axe Damage upgrade bonus increased by 50%
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.32g v0.33g

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