v0.36 delta - Apr 19, 2015

-ADD: Final Ascension -> Inferno Mode!
-ADD: Inferno Mode with 1000 Difficulty tiers!
-ADD: Level Cap increased to 200!
-ADD: Hard Upgrade Cap increased to 200!
-ADD: New Card Collection Journal!
-ADD: 170 New Collectible Cards!
-ADD: 24+ Milestones Bonuses for every card collected!
-ADD: New Level 150+ damage boost (extra +5 per level)
-ADD: New level 200 damage bonus (+500!)
-ADD: Card Drop Bonus premium feature
-FIX: 50 damage boost at 100 instead of 101
-FIX: Expedition modifier text should be correct now
-VISUAL: Major battle window make-over
-VISUAL: Major top hud make-over
-VISUAL: Removed 'game time' from hud
-VISUAL: Added Ability cooldown timer
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.36d v0.37d

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