v0.45 epsilon - June 28, 2015

-ADD: Completely new and permanent party systems
-ADD: Forests 21/22 are now obtainable
-ADD: Inferno players will now drop inferno tiers if they fail to kill a creature in time
-ADD: New, optimized, simple trophy notification system
-ADD: Portal Toplist toggles for Kongregate (Give it time to repopulate)
-FIX: You can no longer force spawn creatures instantly
-FIX: Context menu options disabled temporarily
-FIX: Added adventure score trophy integrity checks
-FIX: Duplicate connections in guild rooms
-FIX: Trophy Reset integrity issue
-FIX: Improper Trophy Score value representation
-FIX: Bug causing new accounts to fail creation
-FIX: Bug that was preventing new expeditions
-FIX: Crit Chance trophy reduction should now work properly
-FIX: Bug where no parties were showing in the open listing on rare cases
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.45e v0.46e

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