v0.50 zeta - Jul 21, 2015

Clean Energy Event!

-ADD: Player levels will now show in guild member listings (Give them a few minutes to update/propagate)
-ADD: Challenge listings now include the hosts level beside their name
-ADD: Ascension next level requirement tip in the world select window
-ADD: Guild members are now sorted by rank
-ADD: Party members will now all receive cards at the same time. The count remains random / based on buffs still though
-ADD: Card drop chance in character window
-ADD: Numkey support for abilities
-FIX: Click attacks will no longer register if the enemy is already dead
-FIX: Next Planet tip should no longer show up if you cannot continue without ascending
-FIX: Guild member listing issues
-FIX: Open listings for players of lv 215+
-FIX: Level-Up animation blocking one of the upgrades
-FIX: Issue of disbanded guilds showing up in the open guild listing
-FIX: Guild member IOU scores should now update frequently and consistently
-FIX: Stone not grabbed from mining should still show the added count client-side now
-FIX: A very rare Account-breaking issue preventing certain people from logging in
-FIX: Issue with the chat funking up for Kongregate users when a member changed zones
-FIX: Pet Train reduction now follows the description (instead of giving double the reduction)
-FIX: Improved challenge error/failures
-FIX: Rested time should no longer be intermittent
-FIX: Pets damage should now include ascension pet damage boosts
-VISUAL: Card design improved
-VISUAL: New Cards icon in the game hud
-VISUAL: VIP upgrades label changed to 'Account'
-BALANCE: Clix is now Mana for abilities. Stamina is now for click attacks
-BALANCE: Mana/Stamina does not activate until level 100
-BALANCE: Solo challenges difficulty reduced by 30%
-BALANCE: You now must complete solo challenges before duo/group of that challenge unlocks
-BALANCE: Inferno creature levels are now static regardless of zone
-BALANCE: Inferno level increases are now 150x(InfernoTier+1)
-BALANCE: Inferno XP reward rates altered significantly
-BALANCE: Auto speed ascension upgrade reduced to 2% from 5% per level
-BALANCE: Click speed ascension upgrade reduced to 5% from 10% per level
Patch History
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v0.50z v0.51z

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