August 17, 2015

v0.53 Zeta Patchnotes

-ADD: New guild building: Warehouse
-ADD: New party member mouse-over info box containing Cards, DPS and Progress
-ADD: New short audio clip sound when entering a duo/group challenge
-ADD: Woodcutting no longer brings you back to the forest map after completion, instead trees are auto-reslected
-ADD: Parties will now fall back if they fail to defeat a monster 3x in a row
-FIX: Crit Chance Boost should work properly now
-FIX: Rested time should update on the client properly now
-FIX: Improved Auto Reconnect
-FIX: Chat tab issues while in party should be rectified
-FIX: Bug showing incorrect 2nd pet
-FIX: No longer able to send empty codes which would break the code window
-FIX: Guild leadership will no longer pass to those who have been afk for >=7 days
-FIX: 10-30 card showing incorrect creature/name
-FIX: Guilds that are full should no longer show on the open guild listings
-FIX: Guild MOTD should now handle commas appropriately
-FIX: Challenges should now include inferno level on top of level 200 players
-FIX: Pet damage should now update on an inferno level up
-FIX: Treasures should no longer spawn unless the previous spawned monster was successfully killed
-FIX: Stamina will now increase by 5 per level just as mana does on Max upgrades
-BALANCE: Woodcutting/Mining now increase NRG at 1/10th the speed, but offer up to 10x the rewards! 
 NRG & Dynamite costs increased significantly for balance
-VISUAL: Regen Speed description should be slightly more clear
-VISUAL: Made 'reset' button in mining a little more clear/obvious
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.53z v0.54z

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