August 26, 2015

v0.54 Zeta Patchnotes

Invasion Double Event
*Several backend bug fixes

Event changes:

MaxHP of monsters halved
Sniper damage: 20 -> 25 per level
Tactical damage: 10 -> 25 per level
Grenader damage: 40 -> 60 per level
Bazooker damage: 20 -> 35 per level
Pyro now attacks all creatures in proximity
Click damage now increases by 50% every 10 upgrade levels
Creatures are now sorted on the stage biggest to smallest
There should no longer be a 'charge' animation after being hit with explosions...too much confusion
Added unit points to the map selection window
Midnight valor reset should no longer require a relog for valor to show
First time completions will now always give 100x unit points, and no longer reduce or require valor
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.54z v0.55z

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