v060 zeta - Nov 22, 2015

-FIX: Minor rounding issue from total card count from packs on the client-side
-FIX: Diamond count in character stats window should no longer get cut off
-BALANCE: Failing pet arena should now auto-refund AP investments now. However, until the new service transfer, DO NOT RELY ON THIS as refunds are not gaurunteed with the current intermittent service issues, and support will not be offered for manual refunds.
-BALANCE: XP has increased gradually based on Inferno Tiers
-BALANCE: Level 400-500 will significantly slow down progression
-BALANCE: Inferno Tiers are now available up to tier 200
-BALANCE: When a pet evolves, it will now heal your pets in the Pet Arena
-BALANCE: Chest claims now continue to increase gold values after level 200
-BALANCE: Rested time is now given in place of gold for random code rewards
-BALANCE: Fixed guild building upgrade costs at level 30+
-BALANCE: Players under level 200 can no longer surpass inferno tiers of 15
-VISUAL: Damage and XP display have been minimized on larger numbers
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.60z v0.61z

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