v0.67 zeta - Mar 03, 2016

-ADD: You can now manually enter the desired inferno tier
-FIX: Inability to join open party if one of the members has password enabled
-FIX: Cards not being saved (Caught the 2nd culprit)
-FIX: Attempting to go to an inferno tier above the tier cap will now just place you at the cap instead of giving an error message
-FIX: Players should no longer pull party members to their zone on join
-FIX: Hindrance reversed
-FIX: Buildings should no longer allow level 30+ (stones put into bank for the next patch)
-FIX: Adding multiple comma's to motd no longer breaks it
-FIX: Party passwords working incorrectly
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.67z v0.68z

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