v0.72 zeta - Apr 08, 2016

Authentication / content is now on loadbalancer. Should no longer run into webhost unavailable issues.

-ADD: New (Difficult) Challenge: Infested
-FIX: Bank investments resolved
-FIX: Open party listing fixed
-FIX: Guild member joining should be fixed
-FIX: Guild members should show online/offline appropriately now
-FIX: Guild member join availability should update/disable appropriately
-FIX: Player connections being stuck in some instances, even after the player disconnected
-FIX: Splat should work again for players who deal extremely high damage
-FIX: Bug where entering the correct password on a duo challenge was not closing the window properly
-FIX: Matchmaking window showing max level as min level
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.72z v0.73z

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