v0.73 zeta - Apr 12, 2016

Non-series challenges (and the CP earned from them) have been reset and need to be completed again.

-ADD: New challenge difficulty expansion. 15 difficulty levels
-FIX: Hover text is now click-through (For real this time!)
-FIX: Major issue with rooms being broken on generation. Should fix majority of room stability issues
-FIX: Added a delay to challenge starts, to allow the last players to load fully before beginning the battle
-FIX: Gold removed from rando codes (again)
-FIX: Should no longer be able to purchase 2nd pet before getting the first
-FIX: Added LoadPhase details into /status for internal troubleshooting of some issues
-BALANCE: You now must complete a challenge on SOLO, then DUO, then GROUP to unlock further difficulty tiers in a challenge
-BALANCE: You now must fully complete a challenge before receiving any challenge rewards
-BALANCE: Final challenge stages no longer have double the increment difficulty
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.73z v0.74z

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