v0.75 eta - May 13, 2016

-ADD: Massive new fishing system!
-FIX: Tooltips can no longer go off screen to the right
-FIX: Challenges broken for new players
-FIX: Challenge queue room listing should update properly now instead of disappearing
-BALANCE: Max DPS Calculation changed to 160% of personal DPS from 130%
-BALANCE: DPS Bonus from party members increased to 10% from 5%
-BALANCE: Progress boost (when all zones are completed but level has not reached ascension requirement) increased to +50% from +30%
-BALANCE: Exp rate for 130-200 AT3 increased
-BALANCE: +25% Experience mod after level 200
-BALANCE: Global experience mod changed from 20% to 30%
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.75e v0.76e

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