v0.78 eta - May 31, 2016

-ADD: Players under level 50 can now clear their character data
-ADD: You can now change your character name for a diamond fee (under level 200 players only)
-ADD: Everyone can now utilize the auto-fishing feature
-ADD: 4 New boat upgrades
-ADD: New min-rarity auto-fishing feature added for players with boats
-FIX: Selecting FISH top ranks should no longer show XP selected
-FIX: Added some additional stability checks on rooms to help identify and resolve broken guild/party rooms
-FIX: Offline gains will now continue progress after a level-up
-FIX: Gold drops from chests should no longer cause visual gold glitches
-FIX: Bug where codes could be claimed more than once
-FIX: Cleaned up the fishing window with some optimizations to attempt to alleviate some of the lag while in the window
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.78e v0.79e

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