v0.85 Patchnotes

-ADD: New name alternative suggestion system for new players having a hard time finding an available name
-ADD: You can now (Finally) inspect players by clickign their name in chat, or inspecting through top ranks
-FIX: Improved stability of socket policy servers for flash connections after a server maintenance
-FIX: Fixed an issue with new players being disconnected if they didn't pick a name within 20 seconds
-FIX: Resolved an issue where a small number of rooms could get stuck in limbo and cause lockouts if they were started and closed too quickly
-FIX: Reset the top scoreboards for fishing rarity/quality
-FIX: Guild Top Ranks freezing issue should no longer occur
-FIX: Fixed an issue causing chat commands to repeat multiple times
-FIX: Scrollbars should now work properly for open guild listings
-VISUAL: Fixed missing text on card 2 & 3 when opening packs
-VISUAL: Fixed missing boat level in the fishing shop
-VISUAL: Fixed missing 'FISH' text on fishing button
-VISUAL: Enlarged text on chest claim by 3 pts
-VISUAL: You can now move the chat window by dragging the top bar to your liking
-VISUAL: Added the ability to resize the chat window
-VISUAL: Some Alpha Monsters orders have been re-arranged. Card counts are unaffected (offset unaffected)
-VISUAL: Shadows added for Alpha monsters
-VISUAL: Chat Position, size and alpha are now saved server-side
-BALANCE: Sacrificial Offerings from rando codes have been increased, AND should now tell the client the appropriate values given
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.85 v0.86a

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