v0.86a - Oct 14, 2016
RPG Monster Event!

-ADD: New Queued Click System!
-ADD: New Game Priority Survey System (With rewards when activated)
-FIX: Pet damage inconsistency with Pet Damage vs Auto Damage order
-FIX: If there's an issue with guild rankings it should no longer freeze. Instead it will show zero results until we can catch and remove the issue
-VISUAL: Fishing buildings will now always show their label (without having to mouse-over)
-VISUAL: Mousing over 'Rods' in shop should no longer cause the text to disappear
-VISUAL: 'Game' caption changed to 'Activities'
-VISUAL: Gold, AP, Diamond, Trophy, Ascension, Wood and Stone currency icons have been rehauled
-VISUAL: Several UI elements in the battle window optimized for quicker rendering / processing
-BALANCE: Increased base xp gains from kills for pre-inferno players from an exponential rate of 1.5, to 1.6
-BALANCE: Increased XP gains from +50% to +100% for pre-inferno players who have defeated all monsters in their ascension
-BALANCE: Increased Base XP Rate from +30% to +40% for pre-inferno players
-BALANCE: Increased MaxHP on all pre-inferno enemies by 35%
-BALANCE: Increased XP reward on kills by +1 level (of enemy)
-BALANCE: Auto attacks and click attacks should no longer lose processing time due to timer delays
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.86a v0.86b

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