v0.86c - Oct 24, 2016

-ADD: Event - New 'Easy Heal' button for healing all characters HP / MP with potions
-ADD: Temporary Event Bonus: Free Upgrade Map Resets!
-ADD: Event - WASD keys for map movement
-FIX: Significant improvement on data processing times. Everyone's pings and response times should be improved
-FIX: Stability fixes on all rooms after they become empty
-FIX: Edge case where upgrading a guild building did not update the character's bonus properly
-FIX: Issue where setting a guild to open or closed sometimes would not update immediately
-FIX: Event - Several hitboxes fixed on monsters
-FIX: Tool for managers to reset party rooms
-BALANCE: Event - EXP increased to 300%
-BALANCE: Event - Potion regen delay increased to 25 min (from 10)
-BALANCE: Event - Potion Cap now 1500 (instead of 3000)
-BALANCE: Event - Bosses levels have been reduced
-BALANCE: Event - Level difference now affects missing chance a lot less
-BALANCE: Event - Potion reset cost changed to 1 (from 3)

Another maintenance will be run in the next 24 hours to resolve a few issues from the today's patch.

-Fixing the 10% idle bonus
-Fixing the higher damage from Damage Boost ability
-Reducing server decay on new character loads
-Adding 'Easy Heal' to the map (derp)
-Fixing a long-term issue where joining a full party results in being stuck in a loading screen until you refresh
-Anything else we come across in the meantime.

This next mini-maintenance-patch will be more considered just a maintenance, so it is likely patch-notes will not be included.

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