v0.89 - Dec 4, 2016
+25% Gold & +25% Fish Value bonuses enabled
Xmas Event

-ADD: Simple console command /v or /version for seeing the current client version
-FIX: Significant optimizations when players disconnect from a party (for challenge or other reasons)
-FIX: Significant improvements to shutdown sequence of rooms on maintenance
-FIX: Drill 9+ are no longer obtainable (not that they did anything anyways)
-BALANCE: Upgrade map resets will now reset your pet arena round. There was an issue with HP remaining, and this should resolve any potential exploits in the future with re-distribution.
-VISUAL: Fuel trophy showing 2% per level, when the correct rate is 1%
-VISUAL: Completely rehaul of the splash screen
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.89 v0.90

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