v0.90 - Dec 21, 2016
Black Friday Deals removed

-ADD: Retroactive pet attacks should now process for any processing delays
-ADD: (Community Competition Submission) You can now select amount of sacrifices you wish you buy through offers, along with being able to see your current progress for the day
-FIX: Leaving a guild then rejoining a guild without relogging should no longer cause investment issues
-FIX: Leaving a guild then joining another guild without relogging should re-instate the 24 hour investment lock
-FIX: Incredible optimizations on server processing to significantly reduce lag (especially in challenges)
-FIX: Bug that would sometimes prevent a player from being able to join a guild member's party at AT-0
-FIX: Soul XP Orb was not functioning for non-inferno players
-BALANCE: Retroactive click & auto attacks now have a lenience of 1000ms (from 500ms)
-BALANCE: Click/ Auto Attack speed limited to 400ms. If your attack speed is quicker than this, then the restricted speed will translate into corresponding damage increases from your attacks
-BALANCE: Pet Attack speed limited to 1000ms. If your pet attack speed is quicker than this, then the restricted speed will translate into corresponding damage increases from your pet's attacks
-BALANCE: Challenges should now launch significantly faster
-BALANCE: Retroactive rewards for people who made it to the last 2 levels within the RPG Event
-BALANCE: Levels beyond 1000 (inf 800+) has a +2% per level requirement added (Not multiplicative) in preparations of the Legendary System in January
-VISUAL: Optimizations on the lag-inducing session loading screen (not the preloader)
-VISUAL: Mousing over cards should no longer flicker the card count
-VISUAL: Guild member levels should no longer get cut off
-VISUAL: Level display in battles should no longer get cut off
-VISUAL: Fixed typo on P.P. reset message
-VISUAL: Fixed 'Next Level' description on 'Coin Count' upgrade
-VISUAL: Fixed improper display of numbers beyond a Quadrillion
Known Issue - Apparently the font / numbers are goofed up in the soul orb offer window. Perhaps refrain from offerings until the client gets updated in a little
New client, more to come: v0.90.1
New Client up - Should resolve most of the font issues. v0.90.2
And hopefully final Client up resolving the rest of the font issues: v0.90.3
Note that some of the font had to be replaced due to the corruption of the embedded Ubuntu font. Replacing it with a different font in the meantime.
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.90 v0.91

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