v0.93.75 - Feb 16, 2017

-FIX: Issue where autofishing outside of the fishing window was not counting towards taxidermist until you refreshed
-FIX: Facebook users should no longer have their authentication tokens expire
-FIX: Resolved bug causing the fishing window to open when a player in your party updated their fishing status
-FIX: Resolved a memory issue from opening and closing the Expeditions window repeatedly
-FIX: Improved public party listing inconsistencies
-FIX: Quirky bug regarding online chest claims after midnight reset
-FIX: R2 users auto-reconnect should work (work-in-progress)
-BALANCE: Orbs now give a substantial increase per level. Far less of a gap between tiers.
-BALANCE: Fish orb now passively improves the tackle efficiency by a base rate of 0.2 tackle levels per tier
Latest Client v0.93.76 should resolve the taxidermist not counting still, and the Fuel Recharge window bugs.
There's a new client update available v0.93.80 - Improved auto-reconnect system (Should detect odd occurrences within 30 seconds)
The side-feature survey is up!
v0.93.81 Client now available. Resolves an issue that occurs if your auto-reconnect did not push through quick enough, it would loop quickly, causing high CPU usage & not give enough time for the connection to occur
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.93.75 v0.93.95

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