v0.96.35 - July 7, 2017
Match 3 Event Active
+20% XP bonus (Wood bonus removed)

-ADD: New Match 3 event completion bonus
-FIX: Repeat tiles should no longer spawn after they have reached lv 30
-FIX: Resolved an issue that was causing ghosts to cause inconsistencies due to an error during their release when players came back online
-BALANCE: Experience gained beyond Inf Tier 1800 has been rebalanced for better long-term progression and less hindrance (The XP per HP curve has been improved)
-BALANCE: Pet Map balances have been implemented towards Strengthening and Swiftness
-VISUAL: Re-arranged the match 3 event UI to make room for the new completion/retroactive bonus
-VISUAL: Moved the 'Leader-Only' message on the wishing well to allow gold costs to still be displayed to members
Patch History
Previous Version Next
v0.96.35 v0.96.50

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