v0.99.45 - Oct 17th, 2018

-ADD: Mining depth cap increased to 1000 (from 750)
-ADD: Woodcutting cap increased to 50 (from 40)
-ADD: You can now get diamonds & crystals by reaching weekly goals in the Mining Window (part of balance change since diamonds no longer drop in repeats)
-ADD: Mining DMG orb is now affected by Virtue
-ADD: Mining DMG orb now starts off with a +100 dmg base
-FIX: Potatotator should unlock at lv 9k properly
-FIX: Resolved some issues for upcoming bingo sessions
-FIX: Resolved some issues with the support ticket system
-BALANCE: Unlocking depth now gives more diamonds, including milestone bonuses. (Not retro-active since existing players received a lot of diamonds from repeats)
-BALANCE: Scaled up Tree HP & Log Rewards as damage was significantly overpowering the HP of trees
-BALANCE: Dynamite mechanics changed to simply give instant rewards on current depth (up to depth 750 rewards)
-BALANCE: Wood DMG & Gains Ascension upgrades cap increased to 100 (from 50)
-BALANCE: Wood DMG & Gains Ascension upgrades now give diminished returns; with a MUCH higher starting rate
-BALANCE: Diamonds no longer drop from repeat mine clearings
-VISUAL: New paging system in the Woodcutting window
-VISUAL: Removed confirmation in Pet Upgrade Map to slightly reduce the hassle of distribution
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